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Earth Hour Activities For Kids - Campout

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Earth Hour is this Thursday, March 27 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. and, while this may be a bit past your little one’s bedtime, we have come up with a few fun ways to embrace the spirit of Earth Hour with young kids.

The beautiful night sky, made more visible during Earth Hour, as we reduce our reliance on electricity and power sources, serves as inspiration for a kids indoor campout, complete with tent, campfire and a delicious snack.

Try these fun early Earth Hour activities this weekend and talk with your little ones about the importance of reducing our environmental footprint.

Have an Indoor Campout

With a nice hot fire from your Campfire Craft and an ooey gooey Easy S'mores Dip snack, get your campsite set up using pillows, blankets or a tent.

Set out your campfire and grab a flashlight, turn off the lights and enjoy an early Earth Hour campout before bedtime.

 Kids Campout Activity for Earth Hour














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To learn more about Earth Hour, visit

Click here for an easy S'mores Dip Recipe

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